Some accounts have been effected by the iOS11 upgrade and VPN account authentication problems.  This will result in your activated device loosing Internet connectivity and you will see the VPN connection flicking on and off.

If you have the Internet Filter (VPN) setting turned on for your device and are experiencing this problem then please follow these steps:

1.  On the affected device, navigate to: 

Setting > General > VPN > curbi vpn (iOS) i > Connect on Demand and toggle this OFF

2. Next, navigate to:

Settings > General >Profiles & Device Management

then delete the "curbi CA and curbi configuration" profiles.

3. Finally, re-enrol the device using the  curbi kids app, as per usual

After activating your device, please check the setting for App Hiding or Internet Blocking is set to your preference.  This settings can be configured on the curbi app from the Device tab > Manage Settings (please check this for all devices you activate).