After an instruction has been sent from the curbi parent app or the curbi dashboard to a device activated by curbi kids, you will see "Changes Pending" appear near the device name. (see below).


This is curbi waiting to hear from the device that the instruction has been received.  In this example "Timeout" has been turned on and curbi is waiting to remove the apps from the activated device "curbi iPad".

If you click on the wording, a pop-up will tell you what curbi is waiting to do.  (see below).


This should take no longer than 5 minutes to update, if it doesn't it means curbi cannot talk to the device.  

  • Ensure both devices (parent and childs) have access to an internet connection
  • If the device is asleep, this message will pend until the device wakes up
  • Toggle the setting again if required and if it still doesn't clear, email support