Under iOS 10 & 11, App Hiding results in the apps on your child's device returning in a jumbled order.

With curbi Premium we have introduced a way to block all internet traffic when a blocking rule is in place without having to hide the apps.

Once you have curbi Premium enabled, you can go to the curbi parent app on iOS, Android or the web, select the iOS device in question, then go to the Device tab.

Tap on Manage Settings and you will see the Timeout and Block Everything switch.  This can be set to Block Internet or Hide Apps.

Hide Apps

This is what you get in Free mode.  When a "Block All" rule is in force or 'Timeout" toggled then all third-party apps, Safari, iTunes and the Camera are hidden.

Block Internet

When this is on apps will not be hidden when a blocking rule is in force.  Instead, curbi will install a VPN profile which effectively blocks all internet traffic to and from the device.

This won't stop games like Angry Birds from running but it will stop all internet-connected apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and so on.