The curbi iOS Internet Filter capabilities that are not possible with curbi Premium alone.

The Internet Filter uses what is called a VPN - a Virtual Private Network - which puts all internet traffic for the device through the curbi cloud.  This allows curbi to filter internet traffic according to the Rules and Settings you specify for the device.

Since the VPN pushes all internet traffic through the curbi cloud, we incur data costs for each device using the VPN.  This is why we have to charge extra for each device using Internet Filtering.

The Internet Filter provides the following:

  • Internet usage recording - all internet traffic is logged then a daily/weekly summary is displayed on the Usage tab of curbi parent;
  • Inappropriate content blocking across all apps - Adult and Damaging sites are always blocked, regardless of the app or browser that is being used on the device;
  • Google Safe Search across all browsers - Google search is always forced to Safe Mode meaning surprise results won't be displayed to young eyes;
  • Category-based Rules - Rules can take advantage of the Internet Filter to limit the Rule to certain categories, for example Social Media, without affecting general usage; and 
  • Permanent blocking of content categories - permanent blocks can be set up to always block certain categories of content, across all apps, all the time.

If you have Android devices you're in luck, all Android devices are fully featured with a curbi Premium subscription and do not require a VPN.