Profiles are files which can be installed on an iOS device to enable and control special features.

All the Profiles currently installed on your iOS device can be found under Settings -> General -> Profiles.

With curbi, we install two profiles:

  • curbi Certificate Authority; and
  • curbi MDM configuration.

curbi Certificate Authority
This is a 'root' certificate which is used to make the curbi VPN work.  Every device running the curbi VPN has it's own certificate which is used for authentication to the curbi VPN server in the cloud.  We could have used the same certificate for every device, but this is not very secure.  Every device has its own VPN certificate which makes for a far more secure setup.

If you are not running the curbi VPN (i.e. Internet Filter) then you don't actually need this profile, but we install it as part of the regular setup, just in case.

curbi MDM configuration
This is the profile that enables curbi to work.  curbi uses the Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM) system to remotely manage each curbi device.

The curbi MDM profile allows us to do the following on your behalf:
  • Add configuration profiles (we use this ability to switch on the curbi VPN as required);
  • Remove configuration profiles;
  • List installed applications;
  • List Restriction information;
  • Change Restriction settings (e.g. In-App purchases, Camera function, etc); and
  • Install other applications (this is how we install the curbi Helper).