curbi on Android locks out all other browsers other than the curbi browser.  When you use the curbi browser Google Safe Search is automatically set.

If you set Google as a "desktop site" it uses the Google App to shortcut it to the home page.  When you search using this "Widget" "safe search is not automatically turned on, and you may find inappropriate images, content displayed. (see Widget below)

curbi will block the links to these sites, however the material displayed can be "inappropriate" for your child.

Here is how you turn on Google Safe Search for the Google Search widget.

STEP 1:  In your apps, you will see a Google folder, inside that tap on the Google App (see below)

STEP 2: Then tap on Settings, then "Search & Now"

STEP 3: Turn on "SafeSearch" filter

The "Google Widget" will now use the SafeSearch filter.