The curbi Timeout function works differently on iOS and Android.

On iOS, you can configure "Timeout" to either block all internet traffic so it blocks all websites and apps that require an internet connection to work.  Any apps that don't need rely on an internet connection to work will still work. Or you can configure it to Hide the Apps when you toggle "Timeout".  This hides all the 3rd party Apps, Safari, the camera and the App Store.

Instruction guides for the App Hiding setting can be found here.

On Android, Timeout blocks all apps from running.  Android Timeout is far more effective than on iOS.

Timeout stays on for the amount of time that you specify when you turn it on.

When Timeout is on the button is RED and will have an "end" label on it and specify the end time.

This is how it looks when using the curbi Web app:


and this is how is looks when Timeout is ON using the curbi iPhone App:


To turn "Timeout" off, just tap it and it will end Timeout.  Sometimes it can take a few moments to update, so please just tap and wait and you will see it turn off.


and on the curbi iPhone app it looks like this: