A Study Time rule can be used if you wish to block certain content on a device during time when your child is meant to be studying.

The rule defaults the settings to Monday - Friday, however this can be changed easily.

To add a Study Time Rule - click on New Rule on the Rule tab, and you will then see the below:

Click on Study Time from the available Rule Templates

Next, decide what should be blocked at Study Time. You would almost always want to Block Everything.

Sometimes, if your child uses an iPad for their study, you might want to block some categories instead, such as Social Media and TV/Video.

The rule automatically defaults to Monday to Friday from 5pm-7pm.  You can change this by un-ticking the day boxes and using the +/-  buttons to alter the Start and Stop time.

Then click NEXT, and select which devices you wish to apply the Study rule to:

Then click on NEXT

Give the Rule a name, and decide by ticking the box whether you wish to save the rule for re-use.

The rule will then sit in the "Inactive" bin until its time to turn on.