curbi provides you with some simple templates to speed up Rule creation.  

Each template provides some presets around the Categories blocked and the Schedule they will be blocked under.

This article explains each template.


This is by far the most popular rule with Parents and allows for 'bedtime' to be enforced with a managed device.

The schedule for a Bedtime Rule allows the setting of weekday and weekend bedtime and wake time.

Study Time

This rule allows for the setting of certain times each day when some content categories are blocked.

School Time

This rule has a schedule pre-populated for standard school times and supports the idea of blocking everything while at school.


A Flexi rule opens up the full power of the curbi scheduling engine and allows you to be very precise as to when a Rule is in force.


A Permanent rule has no scheduling component but instead allows for a block to be put in place indefinitely or for the rest of the day.  The Permanent rule comes into force as soon as it is saved.

Quota (Android only)

The Quota rule is available for Android devices only and allows the Parent to set limits around the total amount of time the device is used for.