The Bedtime Rule is the most popular rule with parents using curbi.  Over 90% of devices managed by curbi have a Bedtime Rule!

To add a Bedtime Rule, click on New Rule on the curbi app.

Click on Bedtime from the available Rule Templates [link]

Next, decide what should be blocked at Bedtime.  You would almost always want to Block Everything.

Click Next.  You now need to specify when you want the rule to take effect.

You can set a different bed time and wake time for school nights and weekends.  Note that school nights are Sunday through Thursday night.

Once you have set your timings, click Next.

The last thing you need to do is decide which of your managed devices the rule is to apply to.  If you created the Rule from the New Rule button against one of your devices, this device will already be selected.

The last step of the rule creation process allows you to save a Rule for re-use.  If you select this, the Rule will be saved for re-use the next time you create a rule.

That's it!  All curbi Rules follow the same process so you will now be able to create any type of Rule with ease.