There are 2 ways to subscribe to curbi:

1.  using the curbi Parental App - via Apple/iTunes Subscription

2.  via our website, by logging into your curbi account using Safari or another browser.

1.  Subscriptions purchased via the Parent App:

You can cancel this subscription by opening the curbi Parent App > tap the burger menu > Account > Manage Subscription >

this will take you to to iTunes Store where you can cancel your subscription.

If there is any problems with this link, you can cancel it also by following these instructions click here.

2.  Subscriptions via our website where you have entered a VisaCard MasterCard or PayPal details:

  1. Log into your curbi account from Safari or any other browser.
  2. Click on your email address (bottom left hand size),
  3. Then click “Manage subscription”

In this section you can add or remove your payment details.