Yes and No.

It isn't possible for us to stop an app from running, so we can't stop games that don't have an internet connection.  You have to use "App Hiding" with a "Block All" rule or "Timeout" to block these types of apps.

The most commonly used apps for teenagers are things like SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram and so on. We can block these apps because they require an internet connection to do their thing.

The best way to block these common apps is through a Rule. You can set up a Rule to block Social Media which will block all these apps from running. Our recommendation is to use a time-based rule for this as you don't want to block your child from being on social media altogether, just at certain times.

You can also add a single URL to a rule to block just "Facebook" for instance but not other Social Media apps.

You must have the Internet Filter (VPN) switched on in order to block any apps or websites using a category based rule or URL.  This requires a Premium account + the Internet Filter (VPN).  For instructions how to turn this on, click here.