In rare occasions your child's device may not be able to connect to the Internet because of the curbi VPN (Internet Filter). Here's what's going on...

About the VPN

We use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to route all internet traffic from a managed device to the curbi servers, then out to the internet.

The VPN badge will show up in the top of the iPhone/iPad screen when connected. The VPN requires a reliable internet connection (cellular or Wi-Fi) in order to connect.

If your managed device is on an unstable network connection, the VPN may not connect. This also means that your device isn't really on the internet, even though your Wi-Fi or cellular indicator may be showing that you are.

On rare occasions, the VPN software on the iPad or iPhone gets itself confused. The quick fix for this is to restart the device. This restarts the VPN software and usually gets the VPN to connect.

If the VPN badge is not displayed and you have no internet connection, a quick first step can be to toggle the wifi setting on the device off and back on again.  This can sometimes force the VPN to restart.  If it doesn't then restart the device.

Rebooting your router/modem can also help improve connection performance

Connection problems

Once you see the VPN badge on the screen, you are connected to curbi. The only problem we have ever seen once the VPN is connected is the very occasional loss of internet traffic.

If this happens, the only sure-fire fix is to restart the device. The problem will also fix itself if you leave the device for a few minutes, but a quick fix is to re-boot.