Using the curbi parent app:

You can remove curbi in a number of ways. The easiest way is using the curbi parent app since you don't need physical access to the managed device.

1.Log in to the curbi parent app (iPhone, iPad)

2. It should default to the list of your enrolled devices, if not select "Devices" from the menu

3. Swipe from Right to Left on the device name to delete the enrolled device

4. Confirm your deletion, by selecting "Remove"

Or using Safari:

1. Log into your curbi account from Safari

2. Select the "Device Name" you wish to remove

3. Tap on the Device tab

4. Tap on Remove Device

Or by removing the curbi profiles from a device:

1. On the enrolled device, go to:

2. Settings>General>Profiles & Device Management

3. The delete the "curbi configuration" profile

4. You will receive an email advising you that the device has been un-enrolled.