Create a curbi account

if you haven't done so already, create yourself a free curbi account by clicking here.

Download the curbi Kids app

You install curbi by going to the Google Play Store, on the device you want to safeguard, and install "curbi Kids", tap Open to open curbi Kids App and log in with your curbi account details, then following the prompts to activate your kids device.

then Install the curbi browser

The activation process will then ask you to install the curbi browser. 

tap Continue

Once you've installed the curbi browser you're all set!

curbi locks down all other browsers after the curbi browser is installed.  It's how we filter the traffic and manage your restrictions.

curbi works better if you have a Google account, please sign up for one if you haven't.

If you need to install the curbi browser again for whatever reason:

You can Install the curbi browser from the curbi kids App

  1. Open the curbi app on the device
  2. Tap on the pop-out menu
  3. Tap Install Browser

You can also install a "locked down version" of curbi kids, open a browser on your child's Android device and side load it directly from our server: